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Shearing Shed gets a FRP Minimesh Grating Upgrade

The client approached FRP Engineering to assist with the rebuilding of the shearing shed on the property. Shearing sheds are a long term investment and the farm owner was keen to rebuild this one to stand the test of time. He came to the experienced team at FRP Engineering with a plan to find the best possible walkway grating for the project.

The key requirements for the FRP Flooring were:

  1. Must be strong enough to take the load of sheep and shearers;
  2. Must be hardwearing so it lasts many seasons;
  3. Must be slip resistant;
  4. Must not corrode in the harsh environment;
  5. Must not ‘catch’ the hooves of the sheep but must allow for easy clean down.

The experts at FRP Engineering set to work finding a type of walkway mesh that would comply to all the client’s requirements.

Eventually the client settled on a Minimesh style grid mesh flooring with a larger mesh configuration for easy clean down. FRP Engineering was able to use its extensive network of suppliers to get this product fabricated to the exact dimensions to allow for easy installation with minimal cutting and wastage.

FRP Minimesh Grating
FRP Minimesh Grating
FRP Minimesh Grating

The client completed the refurbishment of the Shearing shed on time and on budget thanks to the smart application of composite materials.

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FRP Boardwalks for Urban Infrastructure

Designers are turning to FRP as the material of choice for Urban infrastructure and public access boardwalks, viewing platforms and walkways for many more reasons than it is an overall cheaper solution.

After considering total lifecycle costs, for which FRP proves a market leader, installation of any structure is a big consideration. The lightweight nature of FRP makes installation a breeze. Coupled with the fact that FRP will not rot or rust, you will find a compelling argument to use FRP for your next project.

The aesthetic look of the minimesh or micromesh FRP grating and the ability to manufacture in colours that best suit your design finishes off the materials that you can’t see, the FRP structure under the grating.


  • Boardlwalks
  • Jetties
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Viewing Platforms
  • Stairs and Landings

FRP Broadwalk urban infrastructure
FRP Broadwalk urban infrastructure
FRP Broadwalk urban infrastructure

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