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FRP Machinery and Equipment Guards

As a child, you were always told to “keep your hands away from that, it’s dangerous”. It doesn’t stop when you get into the workforce.

AS 4024.1601—2006 “Design of controls, interlocks and guarding—Guards— General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards”

Most employers today have at least a basic understanding of safety issues and accept that their employees are one of the company’s biggest assets. But many still see machine guarding expenditure as a necessary evil rather than a key investment that can really help deliver improved productivity.

Poorly designed or maintained guards encourage operators, maintenance staff and management to bypass them, which can compromise quality and significantly increase risks. Whilst design is important, the materials used can be equally as important. It is no use having the best designed guarding system on the market if it corrodes and requires constant attention and maintenance.

FRP guards are strong yet lightweight and are easily adaptable to be used in most guarding systems. It’s corrosion resistant properties make it an ideal choice in wet, or moisture laden applications. Being electromagnetically transparent and non-conductive is an advantage around both high and low voltage machinery.

FRP machinery & equipment guards

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