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Chemicals Storage Facility Access Infrastructure

Given the highly corrosive nature of the chemicals, designers of a new purpose built chemical storage facility located in Perths’ south had to consider the long term maintenance requirements of the access infrastructure. Over the years, the cost to maintain corroding materials can be more costly than the initial capital costs. It turned out to be an easy decision, enter FRP.

When considering all the attributes of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) materials such as:

  • Light weight
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Low Installation Cost

FRP came out significantly ahead of traditional materials.

FRP Chemical Storage Facility

FRP infrastructure included:

  • Approximately 120 metres of Tank top access walkways
  • Pipe Crossover stairs
  • Bund Access Stairs
  • Equipment Access Platforms

FRP Broadwalk urban infrastructure

The added benefit of using FRP materials are

  • The initial capital costs were far less than their metallic alternatives.
  • FRP materials are significantly lighter than metallic materials meaning that walkways could be designed without the use of many columns which made the installation much cheaper and quicker.
  • The concrete membrane required far less penetrations for the columns which meant significant savings in repair coating of chemical anchors.

For more information relating to these, or other FRP materials, please feel free to contact FRP Engineering.