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South Lakes Dolphins Equipment Cage

FRP Engineering was approached by the South Lakes Dolphins Swimming Club to help them find a way to corral all the swimming equipment they need. Normally the equipment was left lying around where it was getting lost or damaged. Traditional materials like steel or timber were too heavy and cumbersome for the coaching staff and swimmers to move around and were likely to corrode in a short time, so an enterprising parent came to FRP Engineering.

Using FRP Walkway mesh at 15mm thickness, we were able to custom fabricate a cage that is light, secure and will not corrode in the Chlorine rich environment of the swimming arena. Normally used for Roof Walkway, this grating was the perfect product for this application.

FRP Engineering has 15 years of experience helping clients in the use of FRP Materials for unique situations. Our Design team are the experts in Fibre Reinforced Polymer Fabrication.

Equipment Cage
Equipment Cage