Planning Ahead with FRP Engineering – Save Time, Money and Aggravation

At FRP we pride ourselves on founding great, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. One of our clients was recently in need of some floor grating for a plant expansion at a remote worksite and, having been very happy with the work we’d done for them in the past, they contracted us to do the job

Planning ahead with frp engineering save time & moneyOur expert team worked closely with the client from the very early stages of the design process.  This allowed for the identification of any floor mesh related issues at the design stage when they could be easily rectified.  As such we were able to advise on flooring layouts that would maximize efficiency, reduce wastage and ensure safety at all stages of the installation.

Once we had finalized an agreed layout, our production team was able to liaise with the client and agree on a production schedule that complimented the onsite requirements for material.  This approach allowed the provision of flooring on a ‘just-in-time’ basis to further reduced waste by providing site personnel with FRP grating in smaller batches relating to the areas in which they were working.

This also meant that site workers didn’t have to spend hours looking through hundreds of pieces of the grating for the correct piece.  Everything was supplied in packs that were marked up for areas agreed from the original layout drawings.  In addition, these packs could be transported with other items on scheduled delivery runs without the expense of special transport.

The other great advantage of planning ahead was a big reduction in errors.  Managing the process from the start and supplying all of the materials meant that we were able to cut and supply hundreds of individual pieces of grating – with cutouts and penetrations – and hit a target of 99% accuracy.

The client’s site installation team was extremely happy with this result as it allowed them to finish their project ahead of time with a minimum of aggravation.

Planning ahead with frp engineering save time & money Planning ahead with frp engineering save time & money

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