From Old Swimming Pool to New Backyard

What do you do with your old swimming pool once the kids have moved away?

Our clients came up with a novel approach to this question. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to have the old pool removed and the hole backfilled, they went to a Landscape Architect who recommended using it as the basis for a water feature. The Concept drawings show a beautiful oasis that will deliver an outstanding outdoor relaxation area.

One problem: How do you ensure no unsightly pool fences are required? That’s where FRP Engineering came in. Using FRP Wide Flange beams, some Equal Angle and 25mm thick moulded grating, we were able to put a floor in the pool at less than 300mm below the water surface. The whole process took less than a day. FRP Materials will not corrode, warp or degrade in constant contact with water, so the client will never have to worry about maintenance.

Check out the photos below to view the visual renders of the completed pool as well as images during the construction process.

Give FRP Engineering a call for any FRP Material requirements. We are sure to either have it or will be able to get it.


From Old Swimming Pool to New Backyard