FRP Ladder to replace Aluminium at Marina

For a Marina Maintenance company, a critical factor for their facility is to ensure that all surfaces are corrosion and failure resistant. These types of facilities are particularly prone to corrosion due to the high level of moisture and salt (two factors that directly increase the rate of corrosion when present in high concentrations).

When a large Marina Maintenance company needs help keeping its assets protected from corrosion and failure, they come to FRP Engineering. In this particular case study, the facility used aluminium ladders to provide an access point for swimmers. To maintain the structural integrity of the ladders and ensure the safety of the swimmers, it is critical to prevent corrosion as much as possible to avoid structural failure.

Historically these ladders were failing at alarming rates and hence FRP Engineering came up with a design that provides swimmers with a safer platform for entry and exit out of the water. FRP Ladders will not corrode as they are specifically designed to offer long service life in the harshest environments. The photograph below shows what salt water can do to an Aluminium ladder. An FRP Ladder was the perfect choice.

Frp ladders

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