BMX Track in Pilbara

BMX Track in Pilbara

As part of FRP Engineering’s broad range of service industries, FRP Engineering was approached by a Pilbara BMX Club to assist them in refurbishing their start gate area.

The Process

The BMX club had sourced a steel frame locally. Using our expertise in developing an efficient grating layout, FRP Engineering was able to cut and seal the grating to suit the frame. Some of the key benefits of utilising FRP Engineering’s grating are that it will not rust, warp or corrode. FRP’s grating is also perfect for wet and dry seasons and hence much better at maintaining its grip in all types of conditions. This was of particular importance to the BMX club due to the harsh conditions that can be experienced in the Pilbara.

Getting Underway

In order to get the season underway, the grating pieces were fabricated so they could be loaded up into a car trailer and transported by road all the way back to the Pilbara. All the pieces fit perfectly and, from all reports, the members are very excited to be using their new start gate.

BMX Ramp in Pilbara

For any similar enquiries regarding industrial fabrication of grating or other general facility maintenance, please contact the team at FRP Engineering at (08) 9455 4343.