FRP Ladder to replace Aluminium at Marina

For a Marina Maintenance company, a critical factor for their facility is to ensure that all surfaces are corrosion and failure resistant. These types of facilities are particularly prone to corrosion due to the high level of moisture and salt (two factors that directly increase the rate of corrosion when present in high concentrations).

When a large Marina Maintenance company needs help keeping its assets protected from corrosion and failure, they come to FRP Engineering. In this particular case study, the facility used aluminium ladders to provide an access point for swimmers. To maintain the structural integrity of the ladders and ensure the safety of the swimmers, it is critical to prevent corrosion as much as possible to avoid structural failure.

Historically these ladders were failing at alarming rates and hence FRP Engineering came up with a design that provides swimmers with a safer platform for entry and exit out of the water. FRP Ladders will not corrode as they are specifically designed to offer long service life in the harshest environments. The photograph below shows what salt water can do to an Aluminium ladder. An FRP Ladder was the perfect choice.

Frp ladders

For any similar enquiries regarding industrial fabrication of grating or other general facility maintenance, please contact the team at FRP Engineering at (08) 9455 4343.

BMX Track in Pilbara

BMX Track in Pilbara

As part of FRP Engineering’s broad range of service industries, FRP Engineering was approached by a Pilbara BMX Club to assist them in refurbishing their start gate area.

The Process

The BMX club had sourced a steel frame locally. Using our expertise in developing an efficient grating layout, FRP Engineering was able to cut and seal the grating to suit the frame. Some of the key benefits of utilising FRP Engineering’s grating are that it will not rust, warp or corrode. FRP’s grating is also perfect for wet and dry seasons and hence much better at maintaining its grip in all types of conditions. This was of particular importance to the BMX club due to the harsh conditions that can be experienced in the Pilbara.

Getting Underway

In order to get the season underway, the grating pieces were fabricated so they could be loaded up into a car trailer and transported by road all the way back to the Pilbara. All the pieces fit perfectly and, from all reports, the members are very excited to be using their new start gate.

BMX Ramp in Pilbara

For any similar enquiries regarding industrial fabrication of grating or other general facility maintenance, please contact the team at FRP Engineering at (08) 9455 4343.

FRP Solves Offshore Maintenance Issues

When FRP Engineering was approached by our client to help them solve a long running maintenance issue with their offshore platforms, our experts were certain of the best option available.  A service life in excess of 25 years is daunting, but FRP materials are well suited to the harshest of working environments.

FRP Pultruded grating produced in high grade Phenolic resin was selected due to its superior stength and low smoke index results.  The USCG approved material was installed as flooring and stairtreads in all access areas.  Those parts of the platform subjected to wave loading had FRP Moulded grating fitted.

Installation time was reduced by using Hilti Fasteners.  These fasteners are both excellent for high pressure areas, and quick to install.

Fabrication (1280x960)

Cablesafe Hooks – A Simple idea for Safety

FRP Engineering are proud to announce their appointment as Exclusive Australian Distributors of Cablesafe ® Hooks.

Cablesafe Hook

Made in Europe from the highest quality materials, Cablesafe ® Hooks are the reliable solution to cable clutter in workshops and worksites.  The inclusion of Cablesafe ® Hooks to our extensive range of quality FRP, GRP and Composite products allows FRP Engineering to offer another solution to our clients.

Cablesafe ® is a development from the offshore industry to improve safety on decks, stairs, scaffolding and other structures. Disorder on the workshop floor during building and maintenance works can lead to accidents which in certain cases may result in long term absence due to injury with the possible consequence of liable action being taken.
More than 20% of accidents are the result of falls caused by tripping over electrical cables, welding cables, fire hoses, air hoses etc. spread over decks and work floors.  Such accidents can easily be avoided by using the  Cablesafe ® to suspend all cables, extension cords, wires and hoses away from the floor.

These simple “S” shaped hooks are produced from very strong and sophisticated non conductive and non flammable reinforced polyester and can be used again and again. The Dutch chemical and petrochemical industries and the offshore industry were among the first to discover the great advantage of this system; during a “turn-around” or a “shut-down” the contractors are obliged to suspend all their utility cables in these hooks. Since the end of 2011 the major companies such as Dow, ExxonMobil, Shell, BASF, AkzoNobel and many others have subscribing the use of the hooks in their safety processes.

In case of emergency situations the escape routes are kept free of obstacles that are of vital importance when seconds can save human life and fire fighters and salvage people will have better access to the place of the accident.

Cablesafe ® Hooks are non conductive thereby reducing interruptions from short circuits and the danger of electrocution.  The mounting evidence from practical use of the hooks shows the additional benefits of a more economic use of cables and hoses, and the number of cables required.  In addition, the useful life of the cables  is extended by limiting contact with boots, compression and sharp objects.

After a successful introduction into the chemical and offshore industry the Cablesafe ® have been discovered by the shipbuilding and ships repair industry. In the Netherlands more than 80% of the shipyards have introduced the use of Cablesafe ® over the past 2 years and is to be expected that it will become a standard practice to use them on all sites.

Cablesafe hooks on walkway

Should you have any questions about our newest product, please go to its page or contact us at FRP Engineering for a brochure.


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