South Lakes Dolphins Equipment Cage

FRP Engineering was approached by the South Lakes Dolphins Swimming Club to help them find a way to corral all the swimming equipment they need. Normally the equipment was left lying around where it was getting lost or damaged. Traditional materials like steel or timber were too heavy and cumbersome for the coaching staff and […]

“Non-Conductive” FRP Grating

Safety of employees and contractors is paramount for any company. High and low voltage electricity, if not respected, is one such risk that can have significant, if not fatal outcomes. Traditional methods of construction and more so “materials of construction” have evolved over several decades so that now designers have a viable “substitute” to conductive […]

Shearing Shed gets a FRP Minimesh Grating Upgrade

The client approached FRP Engineering to assist with the rebuilding of the shearing shed on the property. Shearing sheds are a long term investment and the farm owner was keen to rebuild this one to stand the test of time. He came to the experienced team at FRP Engineering with a plan to find the […]

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