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The Smarter Alternative to Steel

Based in Perth, Western Australia, FRP Engineering specialises in the supply and fabrication of high grade composite materials to Australia and New Zealand.

With access to a large variety of Fibre Reinforced Polymer products, FRP Engineering imports, designs and fabricates material for use in many industrial and infrastructure sectors.

A wide variety of applications for industry

FRP Products provide high performance, cost effective composite solutions for a wide range of applications across industry. FRP solutions are found in the mining, oil & gas, water treatment, food and beverage production, pharmaceutical and recreational sectors.

Life Cycle Cost analysis

FRP Products are designed for a service life that far exceeds that of traditional materials.  When subjected to a stringent analysis of Life Cycle Costs, FRP materials are found to be significantly cheaper than other materials.  When looking at the safety of operations, FRP users understand that the security of knowing that accessways are free from corrosion and maintenance issues is worth a slightly higher initial investment.

A New World of Possibilities

FRP Materials are far from new, but the technology that goes into making them continues to develop.  FRP Engineering is committed to helping find where these new technologies intersect with customer requirements.  Please contact our dedicated staff for any information on FRP Engineering and its products.